Become an SEO Expert

Become an SEO Expert

SEO is a tricky topic, always changing, and always stirring up a debate between the experts. So, how do you navigate the choppy waters without drowning in the sea of information? Follow this guide, learn, review, and incorporate your knowledge into your business.

The basics are the fundamentals to any successful business, and while they are completely necessary, they are never enough.

* Understanding Search Engines
* Grasping the Concept of Google Penalties
* Incorporating Important Elements into Website Structure
* Developing Good SEO Web Designs
* Writing Quality, Unique Content

All of that seems like a lot, but honestly, it is just the beginning to what you need to learn. Building your website’s foundation with strong SEO designs, implementing important features, such as ALT tags, Meta tags, title pages, descriptions and external CSS style sheets all help to build a strong foundation on which you can build on, but from there, you need the right tools to start building something great.

It begins with content, but it doesn’t end there. You need to understand how to use social media platforms to boost your brand, incorporate PPC marketing into your marketing strategy, and understand the difference between a good link and a bad link, and much, much more.

This is similar to a website. You have a strong foundation, and then you build from it, so when strategies change, Google makes another update or things simply get outdated, you strip them away without any damage to the foundation, and add what’s new and fresh.Advanced SEO strategies build upon the basics, adding more optimization, more visibility and better branding with each layer.

This section provides a variety of lessons that cover semantic SEO, how to decrease bounce rates, increase click-thru rates, Google rankings, utilize marketing techniques properly and increase engagement.There is no simple strategy that fits everyone, so you have to learn and understand not only the basics, but the advanced SEO strategies in order to implement a strategy that works for both you and your visitors.