Web Design for SEO

You’re website is built; now you are ready to start optimizing it and tweaking it for success, and you’ve come to the right place!. So much has changed over the years, and you can be it will continue to change, probably as quickly as I’m writing this, so let’s stick to the essentials and the […]

Become an SEO Expert

SEO is a tricky topic, always changing, and always stirring up a debate between the experts. So, how do you navigate the choppy waters without drowning in the sea of information? Follow this guide, learn, review, and incorporate your knowledge into your business. The basics are the fundamentals to any successful business, and while they […]

How Search Engines Process Links

Have you ever wondered why 404s, rel=canonicals, noindex, nofollow, and robots.txt work the way they do? Or have you never been clear on quite how they do all work? To help you understand, here is a very basic interpretation of how search engines crawl pages and add links to the link graph. The Simple Crawl […]

Understanding & Explaining A Realistic SEO Timeline

For site owners or marketing managers, it’s often difficult to understand why your rankings or conversion rates are not improving — are perhaps even declining — after implementing huge site changes at the advice of your SEO practitioner. If you’re the SEO in that situation, you might have a tough time explaining exactly why you […]